Welcome to Etape Limited

Etape Limited is an independent consultancy with considerable experience of business and technical operations. Our team will provide you with flexible solutions for analysis and benchmarking of business information thus facilitating strategic decision making and business improvement.

From financial transactions to sales and marketing, Etape has analysed and modelled solutions for a range of clients in many industries (most notably the energy sector).

In the majority of cases there will be no need to purchase any specialist software, as most of our systems are created in the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel using advanced programming techniques. This avoids the rigidity of commercial database systems, hence offering a very flexible and adaptable structure to grow with your business needs.

Sample areas of application include but are not limited to procurement (spend) analysis, project reviews, or process changes.

Etape focuses on cost savings through change and business improvement. Established in 2008, Etape has been gaining experience in many industry sectors with UK and international clients.